Plans to Retire Meldium


Today, we began notifying customers of our decision to retire Meldium from LogMeIn’s current line of products. In an effort to unify our password management offerings, we took the best of Meldium and built it in to LastPass to deliver a simple, secure tool with an intuitive user experience.

When we acquired Meldium in 2014 and then LastPass, the market leading password manager, in 2015, we had planned to combine both password management investments under the LastPass brand and product line. Since then, we introduced LastPass Teams, which is the safe, simple way for teams & small businesses to manage passwords, and it has the same look and feel as Meldium.

Our users’ needs are our top priority with this change. In an effort to provide a seamless transition, we are providing specific instructions to help existing Meldium users migrate to LastPass or another cloud offering. All Meldium users will be given until July 5th to migrate away from Meldium, and can choose to move to LastPass or go to another service.

A step-by-step guide on how to move your data out of Meldium and into LastPass can be found here:

For more information about LastPass Teams and how it compares to Meldium, please review the materials below:

LastPass Teams Overview

LastPass Teams User Manual

Meldium v Teams v Enterprise Comparison

LastPass Enterprise v Teams Comparison

Three Years of Email Automation Trends


Zack Zimmerman (aka ZZ aka TheZeez) is a valued team member here at Meldium. He’s our test account and in-house imaginary friend. Zack’s primary role is to test our integrations with over 2,000 popular SaaS products. After 3+ years, this email inbox – which has never sent out a single email – contains roughly 45,000 automated emails from SaaS products. With that much data, we couldn’t resist taking the time to do some analysis.

In this post, we decided to rank all the email services SaaS companies use. We will write more of these articles as we dig through the data set and would love to hear what you think we could uncover. Leave your suggestion for round 2 on Hacker News or in the comments here.

Round 1: What email services do SaaS companies use?

According to Wikipedia, there are two categories of marketing emails: transactional and direct marketing emails. A transactional email is an email sent to a specific user that is directly based off of an action that user made (eg. a password reset email). A direct email is an email sent to users that fall within certain qualifications (eg. an email sent to all free users with a coupon for the paid version). In the analysis below, we differentiate the services based on which of these types of emails they send.

We started the analysis by exporting Zack’s inbox as a .mbox file, which Google allows you to download. We then ran through the raw data using Python to look for sender domains recorded in each email’s Received header. If we found one or more servers mapping to a single service in the headers of an email, then the score for that service was incremented by one.

The Top 10:

Using this process, produced the following top 10 results:

Rank Name Percentage Transactional Marketing
1 SendGrid 15.7
2 MailChimp 13.2
3 Marketo 7.6
4 MailGun 7.3
5 Amazon SES 6.1
6 Mandrill 5.2
7 CreateSend 3.0
8 HubSpot 2.8
9 PostMark 1.9
10 Pardot 1.8

As seen in the table, SendGrid finished on top. According to our data, many email marketing services, including Hubspot and Pardot, are built on top of it which helps explain its high ranking. Mandrill as well is used as a base for marketing tools such as Marketo and Mailchimp.

We should note that this ranking involves some double counting where an email can be attributed to multiple senders. As we mentioned above, Hubspot is built off of SendGrid so mail sent with Hubspot is counted as both a Hubspot and a SendGrid email.

Joining forces with LastPass


Today we announced that we are joining forces with LastPass, a recognized market leader in password management with millions of users around the globe.

Together, we will bring to market a complete platform for identity and access management. We will combine the rich team capabilities of Meldium, such as seamless sharing and account provisioning, with LastPass which already provides first-class password management and SAML-based SSO.

We have seen first-hand how the line between personal and business apps has blurred. With Meldium, we’ve built a service that enables users to live in multiple organizations and manage their identity from a single location. With LastPass, we are embracing this bring-your-own-app reality and are poised to make this experience even better.

We remain as committed as we always have been to serving our customers. We will continue to operate our stand-alone Meldium service until we are ready to move our customers to a common platform that brings together the best of each product.

Here's some additional Q&A.

What happens to my Meldium subscription?

Your Meldium subscription will continue uninterrupted with the same technology and same customer support experience.

Will I be able to migrate to LastPass?

In early 2016 we expect to be able to offer all of our customers the opportunity to seamlessly migrate to a new comparable version LastPass.

Will LastPass offer the same features as Meldium does today?

That is our intent, to take the best of both products and deliver a phenomenal product to individuals, teams, small business and enterprises built on a secure platform with an intuitive experience.

August App Trends: Must Haves for Small Business


In 2010, American Express founded Small Business Saturday to help businesses with their most pressing need — getting more customers. Now each year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, in stark contrast to Black Friday and Cyber Monday, shoppers are encouraged to patronize local small businesses. 

American Express is one of our most recent additions to the Meldium catalog and in anticipation of Small Business Saturday coming on November 28th, this month we explored essential apps and sites that help small businesses run. As always, we gathered this data from an anonymized version of our comprehensive audit logs and score apps on a 100-point scale based on the unique number of people who used it this past month.

FedEx is most widely known for shipping and delivery solutions but FedEx can provide more value than simply deliver packages.  FedEx services extend to Retail,  Healthcare and more.  Plus, each year, FedEx runs a Small Business Grant contest so that company’s like Boston’s Fortified Bike, Nested Bean of Hudson, MA, and Blue Handmade of Asheville, NC can drive their businesses forward with grants.

LinkedIn is clearly a widely used tool for individuals to increase visibility, connect with one another, and ask for advice and these use cases extend to businesses as well.    Small business can expand their network, recruit top talent, acquire new customers, find vendors, get advice, raise funding and more.   With over 380M users worldwide getting your business page setup and engaging can positively impact your business.

QuickBooks Online starts at under $10/mo and is an affordable and easy-to-use solution for small businesses old and young.  Additionally QuickBooks seamlessly integrates software you may already have for things like time tracking, inventory tracking, invoicing, expenses, budgeting, and member recruitment.  

Microsoft Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud version of Office, and provides services and productivity software to many different types of businesses.  In late 2014, Microsoft tweaked its pricing and user count cap to accommodate for smaller businesses to better suite their needs. If you are currently evaluating options, checkout some of the benefits of Office 365 or you can take a look at this side-by-side comparison with Google Apps for Work.

LogMeIn allows you the freedom to work from anywhere by accessing desktop and laptop computers, PC or Mac whenever you need it, from wherever you are.  All you need is an internet connection for remote access to your PC or Mac from your browser, desktop and mobile devices, so you’re not tied down to your desk 24/7.  So whether you need to access your on-premises payroll software when the office is closed, get a few things done from home, or rolling out a work from home policy, LogMeIn provides a simple, secure way to work from anywhere.

Endicia makes mailing and shipping easier, faster and more efficient for your business.  Their electronic postage solutions make it more manageable and affordable to ship and mail through USPS, easily track pagages and run reports and build awareness by adding logos to labels and packaging. Businesses like like Julian Bakery, Kauai Coffee Company, and Twig & Fig leverage customized solutions from Endicia.

ZoomInfo creates just-verified, detailed profiles of 135 million businesspeople and 8.5 million businesses. We make our data available to you through powerful tools for lead generation, prospecting and recruiting.  Company’s like Focus EduVation enhanced prospect contact data and enriched account level info for a brand new sales organization. one of ZoomInfo’s biggest rivals was acquired by in 2011. Directly in Salesforce, provides 100% complete, high quality data, updated in real-time to cover worldwide contacts and fully integrated with existing processes.

Verizon Wireless provides big deals for small businesses.  Verizon provides budget-friendly deals including device packages, data packages, and account credits for recycled devices.  Their products and services are aimed to help businesses boost profits and stay ahead of the competition through mobile technology and business solutions.

LegalZoom is the nation's leading provider of personalized, online legal solutions and legal documents for small business owners and families.  Touted by Forbes as one of the ’10 best digital tools for entrepreneurs”, has helped millions of Americans since launch and hit the milestone of 200,000 legal plan attorney consultations in 2015.  The company provides quality without charging top dollar.

Freelancer is the world’s largest freelancing and crowdsourcing marketplace connecting over 16M employers and freelancers in 247 countries, regions and territories.  By partnering with companies from NASA (to crowdsource complex astronaut issues) to your local plumber (to fix a leaky pipe), Freelancer covers it all.  

Meldium supports over 2,300 apps and counting, which means customers have many new integrations to choose from across a number of different categories.  What category would you like to see featured next month? Make a suggestion on Twitter using the #AppTrends hashtag – we’ll choose next month’s spotlight based on your suggestions!

Spotlight On: InVision


The prototyping and collaboration service, InVision, is one of the most popular tools for web and mobile designers, as seen by its impressive score in Meldium (90.5 out of 100 in July). Meldium users aren’t the only ones impressed by InVision; investors are too. In July, InVision raised $45M in Series C funding to further product development and expand sales to enterprise companies.

The members of our design team are not only power users, but huge fans of InVision.  To get the inside scoop on the tool, we talked with Tim O’Brien, User Experience Manager at LogMeIn to learn how he and his team incorporate the InVision app into their work everyday. So, whether you've heard of InVision or not, if you are a part of the team collaborating on design and customer experience, this month's spotlight is for you. 

What is InVision?

InVision is a prototyping tool that allows designers to quickly and easily create interactive mockups. The tool makes it super easy to share mockups with teams or clients (who don’t have to be InVision users) via URLs, screenshots, or PDFs. As for collaboration, InVision allows you to comment and call out specific areas on the mockup.

The main reason this tool rocks so much? It was created BY designers, FOR designers. 

How do you use InVision on a daily basis?

“Our designers, developers and product owners share many time zones between them, so we value tools that promote asynchronous communication. We use InVision to handle communication about product and web design. Our designers create interactive prototypes that they can show to anyone who they need feedback from. Then our engineers and product owners use InVision as a reference for what to build.”

How does this app help you and your team?

“InVision improves our communication. It helps designers explain their ideas by making prototyping easier and it helps reviewers explain their feedback through the comment system.”

What did you use before InVision?

“Email, JIRA, and HipChat.”

What is the one feature you can’t live without?

“Comments. It’s the easiest way to point out exactly the part of the design you want to talk about. Most of my mornings are spent going through the InVision comments from the Budapest team who started working earlier in the day. This feeds into a to-do list of updates that I make to the InVision prototype.”

Do you provision use of InVision to other team members? How does that process work?

“I do. We have three account administrators in InVision, one for each product group. I use Meldium to invite a ton of people to InVision so that everyone can see and comment on our work.”

Check out the InVision website to learn more about the tool and to give it a try yourself.