Introducing automatic login


From the day we created Meldium, our goal has been to make it simpler for teams to manage the ever-increasing number of web apps we use to get work done. For administrators, this meant providing a central dashboard where every team member is visible across any app. Today we're excited to roll out a new experience for end-users: a launchpad with automatic login to your web.

just two clicks to enable automatic login

Setting it up couldn't be simpler: if you use Google Chrome, all it takes is two clicks to get our extension installed and that's it. Once installed, Meldium will automatically log you into any app you see on the launchpad. Rest assured, this extension will not intrude on the rest of your web browsing by trying to fill forms or anything else. It only activates while on

a simpler launchpad

We've also simplified the interface, emphasizing the apps themselves with larger buttons. The launchpad empowers end-users to add new apps of their own, helping them store their credentials and logging them in automatically. It shows what apps are used across an organization and makes it easy to share credentials for apps that anyone signs up for.

We're really excited to roll out this new experience, we've been using it ourselves for a few weeks now and we love it. We will roll out support for other browsers and more services over time. In fact, we'd love to hear from you: what web services would you like to see added?

It's all live on, come check it out!