Introducing Predictive Sign-On


We've always felt like there was something missing from traditional single-sign-on (SSO) products - they only focus on usernames and passwords.

traditional sso.png

Given the huge number of apps we use every day, our customers have problems far beyond remembering passwords - namely, answering the question "what application do I want in the first place?"

meldium predictive.png

As of today, we're proud to announce the availability of Meldium Predictive Sign-On™. Predictive Sign-On gives you all of the power of Meldium's robust and reliable automatic sign-in without the work of choosing which app to sign in to. Just click the "I'm feeling lucky" button on your Meldium launchpad or browser extension, and we take care of the rest!


How does this advanced technology work? We analyze the patterns of app usage within your team to build a model of your weekly app usage. We combine that data with advanced research in probability and statistics conducted by our engineering team at the craps tables of Las Vegas. These custom algorithms choose in real time, which app you should be signed in to - and just like that, you're logged in, ready to get to work!

Why stop there? What if the work you need to do is in another app, one for which you don't even have an account? Don't worry - the Meldium Predictotron 9000™ algorithm has you covered. We know that with all the great SaaS out there, your team might not have signed up for the apps you need. We tap into a pool of available apps on hundreds of services to pick just the credential you need at launch time. One click of "I'm feeling lucky" gives you access to your brand new app - and once you're done with it, it will be returned to the Global Credential Pool for use by another Meldium customer. Check out a behind-the-scenes look at the Predictotron at work:


Meldium Predictive Sign-On is now available to all of our customers at any pricing tier - sign up for a free trial today and tell us what you think!