Meldium raises $1MM to empower modern, cloud-first companies


We're very happy to announce that Meldium has closed a $1MM seed round today with significant investments from Draper Associates and Founders Co-op. We plan to use this funding to tackle one of the most important problems in enterprise software -- helping people to adopt best-of-breed SaaS applications while still allowing organizations to manage access.

Since launching earlier in 2013, we’ve grown over 30% month over month and hundreds of companies, among them PagerDuty & Hipmunk, are now using Meldium to replace the hodgepodge of spreadsheets teams use to track passwords/application access. Instead, with Meldium, users can access all their web applications from one home screen or a browser extension and admins can easily control access to apps without sharing passwords.

Modern, pure-cloud companies are embracing Meldium due to two major trends. First, employees have no choice but to share access to many apps they use. In the past, this meant an insecure spreadsheet of passwords for services like Twitter and GoDaddy; with Meldium users don’t see passwords and get one-click login in their web browser. This is invaluable for companies given recent security disasters.

An even more disruptive change is the rise of "bring your own app" - like BYOD before it, employees are now taking the web apps they love with them from home to work and from company to company. Apps such as Asana and GitHub have thrived in this new climate, but securing and managing these apps presents new challenges for IT departments. Meldium was engineered from the beginning to encourage bottom-up app adoption without creating a shadow IT nightmare.

This funding will allow us to continue to support our existing customers while enhancing our feature set, security, and ease of use. We wouldn't have made it this far without all the customers who trusted us in the early days, and we're grateful for your support.