Meldium App Trends, October 2014


October’s here, and that means creative costumes, decorative gourds, and hot app trends, fresh from the oven!

In the top apps category, the rich get richer, with Twitter, Mailchimp, Gmail, and AWS not just retaining but gaining points in our index (though Gmail did leapfrog AWS to take the bronze medal position). Our “Trending Up” report features one big winner - Trello posts the largest gain ever in the index. The stalwart collaboration app is joined by another old-school app, photo-sharing site Flickr, as well as the error reporting tool Crashlytics and Librato, a metrics and monitoring platform.

We’re up to over 1,500 supported apps in Meldium, which means customers had many new integrations to choose from. The four most popular new apps in September ran the gamut of categories: Nexonia, an expense reporting tool, was joined by Bing Ads, Contractually (which helps you smoothly process contracts), and Spreadshirt, for all your custom t-shirt needs.

Every month we look at one category in a little more depth: this time around we looked at helpdesk tools, from the simple and lightweight to the powerful and complete. Four apps rose to the top of the list - Zendesk reigns supreme as the most popular helpdesk app in Meldium, with Help Scout and Olark both on the rise just behind. clocked in as the fourth most popular app, with a slight decrease in this month’s index.

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