Meldium App Trends, November 2014


Each month our team looks at usage data to identify popular and trending web apps – Welcome to our Thanksgiving edition!

Screen Shot 2014-11-21 at 4.54.36 PM with turkeys 2.png

At the very top of our rankings, the same pack continues to be in the lead, with Twitter, Mailchimp, Gmail, and AWS all gaining points in our index.

This month, we saw strong growth from some great apps. Jenkins the popular continuous integration service, Kimono Labs, a powerful tool to generate an API for any website, StatusPage, a simple service to keep your users up-to-date about service outages and finally OneSky, which helps translate apps, websites, and games.

We’re up to over 1,600 supported apps in Meldium, which means customers had many new integrations to choose from. The four most popular new apps in October ran the gamut of categories: Userlike a live chat tool for websites, cloud storage provider Intronis, BuzzSumo a content marketing analytics tool, and comScore the digital anlalytics service.

Every month we look at one category in a little more depth: this time around we looked at payment applications, from the developer-focused to broad consumer payments. Four apps at the top of the list – Stripe is neck and neck at the top of the heap with PayPal while Balanced and Braintree have both made solid advances in the rankings this month.

What category would you like to see featured next month? Make a suggestion on Twitter using the #AppTrends hashtag – we’ll choose next month’s spotlight based on your suggestions! For even more insight into popular and trending web apps and services, look out for a special year-end edition of Meldium App Trends.