The State of Password Practices


This past year we've seen many high-profile security breaches. In light of these events, businesses often question their password policies (or lack thereof). After all, duplicated or poor passwords in the hands of employees may be an the weakest link in an enterprise.

The risks may seem obvious, but the behaviors of employees and businesses are what’s more troubling. Knowledge workers are mobile, cloud-savvy and use dozens of different applications to get work done. This means, businesses are trusting their sensitive data to our (in)ability to remember strong unique passwords!

We commissioned a study with ESG Research earlier this month to learn about password practices businesses use today. Our survey included over 500 respondents ranging from IT staff to corporate knowledge workers. We surveyed companies of all sizes (small, midmarket, and enterprise) across North America, UK, Ireland, Australia and New Zealand.

We're going to share the results of our research in early 2015 and below is a sneak peek of what's to come!