Meldium App Trends, August 2014


With the aggregate data from thousands of companies launching apps on Meldium every month, we're excited to inaugurate Meldium App Trends, a monthly feature that will look at the most popular SaaS and web apps based on real usage. Without further ado:

Just like the Billboard charts for music and the Nielsen ratings for television, Meldium App Trends looks at usage data to identify popular and trending web apps each month. Each app is scored on a 100-point scale based on the number of unique people who used it, and usage is compared to the previous month. We gathered this data from an anonymized version of our comprehensive audit logs, which record every single app launch and give Meldium users a detailed trace of who is using what at their company.

First, the Top Overall Apps shows that Twitter is holding strong as the most popular app on Meldium, followed by Mailchimp and AWS which are frequently shared among teams. GMail slipped slightly in popularity but is still among the heavyweights.

Apps that are Trending Up had a large jump in usage over the last month. This was a diverse field: the FreshDesk customer support software, and UserTesting user research app led they way, followed by a pair of developer tools for powering real-time applications: Urban Airship and Pusher.

We're always adding new apps to Meldium (we'll be at 1,500 by the next time you read this App Trends report) and we wanted to highlight the most popular newcomers in the New and Interesting section. BlockScore and Cannabase are new companies that both launched in 2014, while JobScore has been around a while but proved quite popular on its Meldium debut. Finally, the stalwart testing tool Jenkins also made it in to Meldium in July and is obviously in heavy use among our customers.

Finally, each month we're going to spotlight one category of apps that are popular on Meldium. This month's Spotlight: Analytics Apps looked at four leading analytics providers, each with their own target audience and niche. Mixpanel, Optimizely, and Chartio all performed very well, and although New Relic is still among the most popular apps on Meldium, it was one of the few to slip in usage this month.

See your favorite app on this list, or wonder why something's missing? Join the discussion on Twitter at #AppTrends, and stay tuned for next month's report to see how things have changed.