Introducing Meldium for Safari


What’s new?

Automatic login support for Safari is here! Today, we are happy to deliver our Beta release of the #1 requested feature from users over the past year. With this launch, Meldium now provides automatic login from every major browser. We have extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

What is automatic login? 

The automatic login browser extensions allow you to access all of the apps that appear on your launchpad without entering any usernames or passwords. When you share access with your team, they can sign in to apps without knowing the passwords and the plugin won't intrude on any other aspect of your web browsing experience.

How do I get it?

Head to your homepage and launch an app. You will be automatically prompted to install the plugin if you do not yet have it. Once the plugin is installed, a Meldium icon will appear in your browser's menu bar. Click on it to see all of your launchable apps! Select any app, and a new tab will open to the app's homepage, where you'll be signed in and ready to work.

Screenshot 2015-02-03 11.34.11 (2).png

Beta Note

The plugin currently works with the latest version of Safari on MAC OS X Yosemite (10.10). please e-mail us if you have feedback (bug reports welcome!).

Don't yet have a Meldium account?

You can sign up for Meldium today with Google or create a new Meldium ID.